Missouri S&T says shooter on campus

Rolla, MO

Timeline of Thursday's events:

Update: Friday May 13th at 10:25 a.m.:

A Missouri Army colonel says the gunman who broke onto Fort Leonard Wood Thursday and later fired on police during an interstate highway shootout was not targeting the military installation.

Post commander Colonel Charles Williams said Cody Willcoxson got lost amid I-44 highway construction before turning into the fort.

Willcoxson drove through a security gate when he was questioned by military police. That was the start of the four-hour chase and manhunt that led to the lock-down of a Missouri S&T where he crashed his car.

Willcoxson faces felony charges of assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and armed criminal action. Officials said more charges are expected.

Update: May 12 at 6:20 p.m.:

Everyone in Rolla is glad the situation is over, especially law enforcement.

They told KRCG they feel like something huge has been lifted off their shoulders.

They said they are just happy no one was injured or killed during this incident.

Law enforcement are not the only ones glad Willcoxson is off the streets, so is Rolla's Mayor.

He said he is very proud of all the law enforcement that came together to get this man off the streets.

"More than 150 law enforcement officers were involved in this operation and they worked seamlessly together. There was no jurisdiction boundary issues. They all worked together and did a tremendous job, Rolla's Mayor William S. Jenks III said. My heart and hat goes off to all law enforcement officers in this area. They did a tremendous job and we certainly appreciate everything they've done."

Update: May 12 at 1:22 p.m.: Willcoxson is faces four counts of assault on a police officer. Rolla Police said there will be additional challenges stemming from the Fort Leonard Wood incident.Authorities do not know what the motive was for the incident. They said there was a short pursuit but Willcoxson followed troopers directions and there was no confrontation during the arrest.Willcoxson has a gunshot wound to the hand.They knew who he was so quickly because he gave an ID to the guard at the guardpost at Ft. Leonard Wood and then barrelled through the gate. Update: May 12 at 12:55 p.m.:Authorities have the suspect in custody. Authorities caught him on County Road 6030 near Edgar Springs. Law enforcement officials had the suspect in custody on ground at gunpoint.Cody Willcoxson, 31, is in custody. He has one gunshot wound.

Update: May 12 at 12:50 p.m.:

A high-speed chase is going on now in Phelps County. The suspect is travelling on County Road 6030 near Edgar Springs. Several law enforcement officials are participating in the chase.

Update: May 12 at 12:15 p.m.: Authorities confirmed Willcoxson fired on the Phelps County Sheriff during the pursuit. Update: May 12 at 11:50 p.m.: Authorities have confirmed that Willcoxson fired on St. Robert Police after he left Ft. Leonard Wood military base.Missouri S&T said he also fired shots near campus.Authorities do not know if Willcoxson is still armed. Update: May 12 at 11:42 p.m. The Garrison Command at Fort Leonard Wood posted the following statement on a Facebook note to followers about the gunman:

At approximately 0830 hours this morning (Wednesday), 12 May 2011 a yet unidentified civilian individual, with no known connection to the installation, attempted to access FLW thru the West Gate. The Department of the Army Civilian Policeman stationed at the West Gate stopped the individual and instructed him to pull over and submit to further inspection. The individual did not comply and entered the installation at a high rate of speed. Our Military Police patrols were immediately alerted and pursued the individual thru a section of the post. The individual exited the installation thru the North Gate (Missouri Avenue) at a high rate of speed. The St Robert Police Department had been alerted and they pursued the individual as he left the North Gate heading down Missouri Avenue at a high rate of speed. The individual was on the installation for less than 5 minutes.

This individual was pursued to Rolla, Missouri S&T where a weapon was recovered. The suspect is still at large, and local school districts including Waynesville have gone to lockdown procedures.

We have increased our security presence on the installation and at all FLW gates. More information to follow. Update: May 12 at 11:10 a.m.: Highway Patrol Troop I spokesperson Danny Crane said the chase started at Ft. Leonard Wood. St. Robert Police were the first law enforcement who chased Willcoxson.He was chased from the base to Rolla where he crashed his vehicle. Sources tell us radio reports indicate there was blood in the vehicle along with a glass pipe and meth.Maries R-1, R-2 and Belle Schools were all on a low-security lockdown because the suspect is still at-large.Local authorities have also confirmed that in their briefings they were told Rolla was not the target of the shooting. Update: May 12 at 10:30 a.m.: Authorities believe the suspect may be armed with an AK-47.Police are sending out alerts to officers to look out for Cody Willcoxson and that he may have a gunshot wound. Police believe he is driving a dark gray Ford Taurus with the license plate "ROLLAB"Willcoxson, 31, of Oklahoma, has a spotty criminal record. In 2003, he was charged with escaping from an Oklahoma county jail. He has a possession charge in Missouri to which he pleaded guilty in 2009. He was given a fine for that guilty plea.According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Willcoxson has several tattoos including a tribal tattoo, and skull tattoos on his front.He is 5-10, 180 pounds with sandy blond hair and brown eyes. Update: Thursday May 12th at 10:18 a.m.: Campus officials confirm the suspect is wearing a blue and white t-shirt and possibly khaki cargo shorts. He's a white male with sandy blonde hair. He should be considered dangerous and he's possibly bleeding from hand.

If you have information regarding the suspect please call the Rolla Police Department at 573-308-1213.

Update: Thursday May 12th at 9:45 a.m: Missouri University of Science and Technology police confirm a manhunt is underway for the suspect involved in the campus incident.Campus police said they are looking for a male suspect. He is said to be wearing a blue and white striped shirt and jean shorts. Police said he is driving a silver Ford Taurus that they believe he stole.Police said there were no shots fired and no injuries on campus. Officials said the campus is still operating under lockdown procedures. Students and staff should continue to stay indoors.Campus police said the gunman was seen entering and leaving McNutt Hall, a building that houses classrooms and academic offices.

The roughly 6000-student technological research and engineering campus was briefly locked down in 2007 after a student who claimed to have a bomb and threatened "terrorist-type" actions. A graduate student from India known to be despondent over his grades was later charged with several felonies.

Update: Thursday May 12th at 9:15 a.m.: Missouri S&T's website says the shooter has left campus. The site says: "Those on campus continue to secure buildings and stay indoors. If you are not on campus avoid campus."

Original Story:

The Missouri University of Science and Technology is reporting on their website there is a shooter on campus. The link is below to their official site.The website says there is a shooter on campus in McNutt Hall and encourages everyone to stay indoors. The site says the campus is currently in emergency condition and McNutt Hall is in lockdown.Stay with KRCG as more details become available. Rolla Police were not in the office for comment.

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