Missouri River pedestrian bridge will open April 8th

The pedestrian bridge along the Missouri River Bridge is almost done.

MoDOT said the bridge will open to the public April 8th.

The new bridge was designed to help bikers and walkers get to and from the Katy Trail without dodging traffic.

"The job is suppose to go to April 1st. The contractor is on schedule at this point, MoDOT Charles Sullivan said. He is going to be granted a few days here and there because the extra piling we put in the ground, and some over runs on the contract allow him a few days."

Sullivan said people have told him they don't like the old pedestrian walkway because they feel it's dangerous.

"The catch is right now it's accessible by car because there is no barrier between cars and pedestrians and bicyclists, Sullivan said. The new bridge is going to add a big safety feature of separating pedestrians, bicyclists, or anybody in a wheel chair away from traffic."

Sullivan said the pedestrian bridge cost a little more than the estimated cost of $6.9 million."

"We're a little bit over. It's just that we needed more piling, and a few minor things have run it over, Sullivan said. We are really close, we're still under one percent."

Sullivan told KRCG the new pedestrian bridge is strong, sturdy, and much safer than the old walk way.

"The deck portion that is on the bridge is what they call a fiber reinforcement deck which will take all the salt, wear and tare, and all the movements and bending. So it should last a long time, Sullivan said.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the pedestrian bridge is April 8th at the Missouri River boat ramp entrance.