Missouri prepares for snowstorm

Get ready for a slippery morning commute.

A winter storm is sweeping across Missouri tonight.

Our StormVision forecast shows most of the snow will hit the northwestern part of our viewing area while areas south, east and west will get more thunderstorms and rain.

Some parts of Missouri could get up to eight inches of snow depending on what mother nature has to offer.

Moberly city officials said they are preparing for about two to three inches of snow overnight. Members of the Moberly Public Works Department have been checking out their equipment for the past two weeks. They said they are ready to roll. Like most Mid-Missouri communities, Moberly has extra salt and sand from last yearâ??s mild winter. The City of Moberly has more than 500 pounds of materials, 12 pick-up trucks, four dump trucks and two road graters. Drivers plan to concentrate on busy intersections and hills.

Moberly Public Works Director Tom Sanders said, â??We went through all of our vehicles and had them serviced this time of year. We had our salt machines serviced and weâ??ve ran them all. We had our equipment sit on our trucks for a few weeks now. We tested it out. Everything is in good condition.â??

Moberly Public School officials will check road conditions before they decide to send out buses on Thursday morning. Administrators try to make that decision as early as possible by inspecting the roads themselves.

Moberly Public School Superintendent Gena McCluskey said, â??Our buses first come out of the bus barn at 6 a.m. We definitely want to have that decision made before that time as long as the weather allows it. We also look at if the conditions will be worsening or if they are predicted to get better throughout the day.â??

Moberly mechanic Kelly Walker has been busy winterizing vehicles. In an addition to preparing your car or truck, Walker said you should also prepare yourself when traveling in winter conditions.

Walker said, â??Carry an extra blanket and some kitty litter in case you stuck. You can put some under your tires and it will help you get out. Carry a jacket, maybe an umbrella and those sorts of things.â??

Walker said his best advice is still stay at home, if at all possible.

Moberly city officials said there biggest concern will be during rush hour tomorrow morning. Theyâ??re expecting high winds and slick roads. They urge everyone to allow extra time to get to your destination.

The storm will also pack strong northwest winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour, gusting as high as 45 miles per hour.

In some parts of Missouri, that could cause drifting snow and create blizzard like conditions.