Missouri National Guard soldiers arrive home

It was a perfect day for a homecoming Wednesday, and that's exactly what happened this morning in Jefferson City.

Soldiers from Agribusiness Development Team IV with Missouri National Guard arrived home after a several month-long deployment in Afghanistan.

While there, the team was unsuccessfully attacked at their base in the Nagahar province on April 15th, during which time two members of the team were shot non-fatally.

Many at the ceremony today received medals for their bravery in that incident.

Soldiers like Sgt. Dennis Harter say they're glad to be home, but are still willing to protect their country.

"I just look around at everybody else in uniform, and I'm pretty sure they feel the same thing I feel,â?? said Sgt. Harter. That I'm proud to be American, and do whatever I can to keep our colors strong. Whatever they ask"

Sgt. Harter, like many Americans, signed up for service after the terrorist attacks on September 11th.