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      Missouri National Guard soldier surprises his kids

      Wednesday was Sgt. Major Mike Lederle's first day back home, a day he's been planning for months. "So, when we found out that the mission was going to end early, my wife and I decided not to tell the kids, just on the off chance that we could surprise them at the end," said Sgt. Major Lederle.And what a surprise it was for Lederle's daughter Samantha this afternoon at Southern Boone County High School."I am so overwhelmed, and so shocked that, but I am super excited to have him home,?? said Samantha.For now, the Trenton Lederle says they will go home with dad and do one of their favorite things..."Um, probably watch a movie."And they'll do it as a family again.Oh, and dad has one last thing to say..."Samantha and Trenton: Mom and Dad got ya!" Editorial note: For raw footage of the reunion, go here.