Missouri mom faces charges for getting on school bus

This week a Missouri mom will appear in court for after she was charged with something most parents don't even know is against the law, stepping onto her child's school bus.

Maurisa Banks is the Missouri mom is facing possible jail time for stepping onto her son's school bus.

The Missouri Safe Schools Act considers unauthorized entry onto a school bus as trespassing and that's what officials said Maurisa Banks did.

"I took two steps on the bus and he yelled at me, "get off the bus," Banks said.

The bus in Lexington, Missouri which banks got on has a warning sticker on its step which says violators will be prosecuted for trespassing.

Bus companies said the law is there to protect the children.

"We don't know what their intentions are and with children just a foot away we want to make sure they are safe," manager for the bus company Randy Smalls Incorportaed, Justin Beal said.

But Banks said she was trying to protect her own 11-year-old child when she feared he was being bullied.

"I asked him can my son sit up front, Banks said. He told me my son is too big to sit up front then he slammed the door and pulled off. He could have talked to me and said ma'am you are not supposed to be on the bus is there anything I can help you with but the fact that he yelled at me, get off my bus.

We checked with First Student School Bus Transportation Services in Jefferson City.

They said the same rule applies to their buses even though they don't have the warning sticker on board.

If she TMs convicted of her trespassing charge, Maurisa Banks could spend up to a year in jail or have to pay a $1,000 fine.