Missouri man pleads guilty to child sex charges

A Missouri man pleads guilty to charges of child sexual exploitation and statutory sodomy.

The investigation into 53-year-old Gary D. Foster started in May when the Kirksville Regional Cyber Crime Task Force received a complainant the defendant had been having a sexual relationship with a minor male.

The Kirksville Task Force along with the Linn County Sheriffâ??s Department served a search warrant at the suspectâ??s residence in Linneus, Missouri where investigators recovered electronic evidence which included several sexually graphic photographs of a 13-year-old boy.

A picture showing Foster engaging in sexual conduct with the minor was also found.

A Kirksville Task Force Detective located the boy in the photographs who indicated they were taken in a wooded area north of Columbia during the spring of 2012.

Foster was arrested at his job in Milan, Missouri in June.

Foster pleaded guilty Monday to both charges.

His final sentencing is scheduled for December 23rd.