Missouri man arrested for counterfeit money

Cole County authorities have one suspect in custody and are looking for another person suspected of passing counterfeit money.Monday, deputies arrested Robert Edmonds of Henley.Prosecutor Mark Richardson has charged Edmonds with two counts of forgery and one count of possessing a forgery instrument.Deputies say it was at a trailer on Elnor Lane, just off Rockhouse Road in Russellville, where Edmonds used a scanner and printer to change $1 and $5 bills to look like twenties and hundreds.Authorities also searched an apartment on Randall Drive, just outside Jefferson City. At that location, they found oven cleaner, toothbrushes, and a dozen $1 bills with the ink cleaned from them.They also found two $100 bills with the same serial numbers.Court documents indicate Edmonds has admitted to making the fake cash.Authorities tell KRCG the counterfeit money has shown up at businesses in Cole, Miller, and Morgan counties.The United States Secret Service is involved in the investigation and Edmonds may face federal charges.