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      Missouri Lt. Governor candidate begins multi-million robo-call campaign

      A candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor is starting a major campaign push on Saturday. Republican candidate Mike Carter will begin the first part of his several million robo-call campaign on June 30 th . In a statement, Carter said that his intent is to ??spread more of the New-Republican Ron-Paul message and at the same time capitalize on the similarities of my opponents' names to mine on an extremely down-ballot race.?? Carter is no stranger to robo-calls, as he has made several in the past decade. In 2008, he claims he attained just under 17% of the statewide primary vote for Lieutenant Governor, using robo-calls alone. He says he plans to honor his own political no-call list from back then. Carter is a former judge, real estate attorney, Senior Lecturer for the University of Missouri, Counsel for Missouri Corporations, and Director at the St. Louis Board of REALTORS.