Missouri Department of Conservation debuts new green roof

There's an old saying, built from the ground up...but In this case, the Missouri Department of Conservation has built from the roof up: all with the goal to promote nature and wildlife.

For more than 30 years, grass covered the roof of the k building at the Missouri Department of Conservation headquarters in Jefferson City.

But now, all that's changed and it's much more environmentally friendly.

"We have 22 different species out here, a lot of diversity and it has just really made a brown roof green," volunteer and interpretive programs coordinator for the Missouri Department of Conservation Syd Hime said.

Reducing your carbon footprint is important to the department of conservation, so they took extra steps to make sure this area is as efficient as it can be.

Aside from the recycled plastic pavers used for the walkway, the department used an engineered soil, with natural components, specifically made for green roofs.

"The things that you have to take into consideration are weight, and the ability to hold moisture without being too saturated,h Hime said. gSo it's unique, it has nutrition in it, so the plants should do quite well."

This rooftop is now home to 3300 Missouri native plants, cone-flowers, wild strawberries, and prairie drop seed are now all part of this Eco friendly landscape which the department hopes will set an example from residents in the show-me state.

"We had the opportunity to put something in here at our central office headquarters building that demonstrates what we'd like to see happen in other businesses around the state," Hime said.

Hime said she's looking forward to seeing the rooftop blossom and grow.

Hime said they used plants native to Missouri because they require less water and maintenance.