Missouri could have choice of execution methods

Missouri has executed 110 inmates since 1989.

Death penalty opponents are reacting to a bill that gives the State a choice of execution methods.

The debate centers on a drug used for lethal injections.

An Oklahoma pharmacy refused to give the drug pentobarbital to the State for Michael Taylorâ??s execution thatâ??s scheduled for next Wednesday. Death penalty opponent Jeff Stack has been a friend of Taylorâ??s parents for more than 10 years.

Stack said, â??We sentence people to death in our courts. We tell them that they are going to die one day. 15 or 20 years later, then we finally do kill them. Itâ??s a form of torture and itâ??s really unbecoming of our state.â??

Missouriâ??s death penalty calls for lethal injections or the gas chamber, which the state hasnâ??t used since it resumed executions more than 2 decades ago. Columbia Senator Kurt Schaefer introduced a bill allowing any approved way of execution in Missouri. That includes the electric chair, hanging or a firing squad.

The Attorney Generalâ??s Office announced it found a new supplier of pentobarbital, but did not name the company.

Taylorâ??s attorney immediately filed a petition arguing not knowing the companyâ??s name violates his rights to do a background check on that company.

Governor Jay Nixon said the state was ready to execute Taylor on schedule.

Missouri has executed 110 inmates since 1989. Right now, there are 43 inmates on death row in Bonne Terre.