Missouri company pays cash for black walnuts

If youâ??re looking for some extra cash, why not try your luck with black walnuts.

October is National Black Walnut Month and one local company is paying anyone who wants to gather and sell them.

During National Black Walnut Month, people harvest black walnuts all across the country.

About 65% of the black walnuts bought by Hammons Products Company come from Missouri.

The Stockman, Missouri-based company has nearly 200 buying stations throughout our state.

Company Vice President Brian Hammons said, â??We pay, this year, $13 per hundred weight. Thatâ??s $13 for a hundred pounds. Thatâ??s up from last year. A lot of people are happy about that. The crop this year isnâ??t quite as big. Thatâ??s one reason why the price is a little higher. Folks may have to search a little bit more to find some of those nuts.â??

For a complete list of Hammons buying stations, click on the link below.