Milo's first 4th

This is when he hunkered down by us after the big fireworks boom.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! It was a pretty laid back one for me and Milo.

Milo got to enjoy some time off the leash and run around our backyard with his best doggy bud, Leo.

No big adventures for the two of us (I just needed a weekend of rest), but we did figure out how he reacted to fireworks.

Last week I wrote a blog asking whether we should take him to a fireworks display. It TMs his first 4th so we weren TMt sure how he would react. Well it turns out not well.

I was thinking about taking him to the display in Holts Summit, but it TMs a good thing we didn TMt.

Throughout the weekend random fireworks would go off in our neighborhood and he would get a little scared, but nothing too bad. Then on Monday, my boyfriend and I were getting ready to leave for the Columbia fireworks and we were discussing whether or not to take Milo.

I told Jason (my boyfriend) we could use these big headphones to block out the noise. Unfortunately they just wouldn't stay on his head.

Right as we were discussing whether or not to take him a big, loud firework went off. Milo was by the patio door at the time. After the big boom he came scurrying over by us and hunkered down by our feet.

There was our answer.

So we didn TMt take him to see the fire in the sky, but I did count three other dogs at Columbia TMs fireworks, and I TMm sure there were plenty of others I didn TMt see. Those dogs seemed to be just fine.

Is it just a breed thing? Or is it that Milo TMs still pretty young?

How do your pets react to fireworks? Let me know your experiences or funny stories by commenting below!

I also want to say a big thank you and welcome to our new sponsor, Grooming Unlimited! The business is based in Jefferson City and has all kinds of services. Milo has yet to have a good scrubbing outside of our bathtub, so I TMm sure we TMll be making a trip there in the near future.

Stay tuned for more!

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