Milo goes for his 1st swim, and maybe his last

He was running and shaking off the water the whole way back to the apartment.

It TMs sunny out right now, but last weekend it was nothing but cloudy and rainy. For that reason, Milo and I didn TMt get to go on an adventure, but in light of all the rain, I have a water-inspired one to share today.

Milo is a Beagle Border Collie mix. I don TMt have a huge knowledge of dogs, but I thought for sure with his breed he would love to go for a swim. Jason and I were anxious to get him in the water to see if he would like it|

So on one sunny day in the middle of March we decided to plop him in the pond behind our apartment. Turns out Milo and I have a lot more in common than I thought! I TMm not a huge fan of water| and neither is he.

We tried to lure Milo in by throwing some treats in the pond. He was tempted, but wouldn TMt jump.

Finally, Jason picked him up and dropped him in.

Here TMs a look at what happened|


He swam! But he wanted nothing to do with the water. We put him in a second time right after and ran far away from us and the water.

In the end, Milo was more interested in eating geese poop on the dock than going for a dip.

Do beagles typically like the water? Or is it a dog-by-dog kind of thing?

Stay tuned for more!