Million geese flock to mid-Missouri

North Americaâ??s wildlife migration is underway and mid-Missouri is right in the center of the action.

Dozens of viewers posted on our Facebook page that they saw an unusual amount of snow geese traveling across the skies Sunday night and early Monday morning.

KRCG 13 viewer Tiffany Winn sent us this picture of thousands of snow geese traveling near Fulton. Massive snow geese sightings were reported throughout the mid-Missouri area.

Ryan Douglas is an official bird watcher for the Missouri Audubon Society. Douglas saw between 900,000 and a million snow geese flying over his Columbia home. Birders like Douglas use internet RADAR to track their fowl friends.

â??Based on RADAR, it looked like it was most of Western Missouri and Central Missouri," Douglas said. "Even this morning, you could see them taking off on RADAR from Squaw Creek north of Kansas City near St. Joseph and south of Kansas City. You could follow them into Arkansas on RADAR this morning. It was incredible.â??

Mark Farnen of Columbia was watching Sunday Night Football when his dog started acting unusual, so he stepped outside and heard the birds.

Farnen said, â??Last year, if you remember, we had cicadas. It was like an echo effect in the air. This sound had the same level of intensity except it was further away. I looked up in the sky. I couldn't see a single bird, but I could hear them. I went back in the house and told my wife and daughter. They told me to go back out and check it out again. I went back outside. It was louder the second time. They continued to tweet.â??

Bird experts said Missouri has plenty of state parks and open areas that attract snow geese during their annual migration, but theyâ??ve never seen anything like this, when a million birds travel together all at once.

KRCG 13 viewers reported seeing the unusual amount of snow geese in Boone, Callaway and Cole counties.