Milk for weight loss: whole versus skim

Whole fat versus skim milk, the debate continues

Whole milk, two percent, skim... there are many choices at the supermarket these days. But if you make the choice simply on calorie count alone and chose skim, some experts say you are missing some of the benefits of whole milk.

Two recent European studies found people who consume whole fat dairy are less likely to become obese.

Family physician Dr. Colshul Novovati says the only clear explanation is that whole milk makes you feel fuller faster.

â??The idea of having more fat in the meal that it has an effect on what we call the satiety center in the gut that impacts the brain so that you are then eating less then it definitely is possible.â??

Another study shows whole milk is best if you are trying to bulk up and add muscle. And a third touts the benefits of milk in lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Even dairy farmer Mike McMahon is skeptical about the power of whole milk to help people lose weight.

But no matter the type, McMahon says keep drinking milk!

â?? With every 8 ounce glass of milk you're getting 300g of calcium 8g of protein and all of the Vitamin D you could need,â?? says McMahon. â??So it's just a great food. It's almost nature's perfect food in my book.â??