Mike Roberts commands military training

Our viewers are constantly asking us, where is Mike Roberts?

For the past five months, your favorite weatherman has been on active duty with the Missouri Army National Guard.

During most of his active duty time, Cpt. Mike Roberts has been sitting behind a desk at a recruiting office.

This week, Mike is practicing some of his military skills at the National Guard TMs Macon training site.

We TMre playing a support role for a bridging operation down on the water," Mike said. "Our guys are here and rigging up these individual bridge pieces which will be lifted by a helicopter.

Mike is the inspector of aluminum bays that weigh 14,000 pounds. They TMre like giant puzzle pieces that make a portable, floating bridge for military vehicles. Mike TMs job is to make sure the bays are ready for a helicopter flight to a nearby lake.

Mike likes this type of work over paperwork at a recruitment office.

This is the first time in quite some time," Mike said. "So when I got asked to come here and support this operation, it was a pretty good thing.

Some people might recognize another person at the Macon military operation. Cpt. Kelly Messerli is a Jefferson City police officer and the commander of the Guard TMs bridge company.

It TMs exciting engineer work," Messerli said. "It TMs very limited. There are only 18 bridge companies in the United States Army. To be part of one of 18 is an exciting opportunity, especially as a commander.

Mike said it TMs safety first when it comes to any military operation. The slightest miscalculation can cause a mission to fail or even the loss of life. Despite the danger, Mike enjoys his military duties, but admits he can TMt wait to get back to KRCG.

It should be by October first," Mike said. "So, I look forward to getting back. It TMs eagerly anticipated. I TMll have my Halloween costume on, a shirt and tie.

Until then, Mike will continue to wear his camouflage while he helps keep all of us safe.