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      Mid Missourians Step Up for Joplin

      It's been more than a month since the single deadliest twister in more than six decades tore apart over 60% of Joplin.

      Residents in mid Missouri said they won't forget the people still in need.

      Organizers hosted the event, Step Up for Joplin Friday and Saturday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

      With a $10 donation people listened to various genres of live music, laughed with comedians and enjoyed food and drinks.

      Columbia resident, Jason province, founded the organization a month ago and teamed up a local music club called MODM to make it happen.

      "You don't need a title, or power or money to make a difference, you just need heart, and in a month we set up step up for Joplin, we organized it and got all of these bands out here because entertainment is a really great way to bring people together and we figured that was our best bet at raising money," Province said.

      So far the event has raised over $500 and will go on until midnight Saturday.

      All of the money raised will go directly to the united way for the victims of the Joplin tornado.