Mid-Missourians share hopes, expectations for legislative session

Mid-Missourians share what they'd like to see come from this legislative session.

As Missouri lawmakers return to the Capitol, mid-Missourians told KRCG 13 what they hope to see out of this year's legislative session.

Some were looking for specific things.

"I'm actually quite interested to see the bills proposed by Representatives Joshua Peters and Michael Butler. Josh proposed a bill against racial profiling and Rep. Butler proposed a bill for parent/teacher involvement," Jefferson City resident Ashley Cook said.

Cook's friend and fellow state worker, Rhonda Nunn, added one of her priorities.

"I'd also like them to truly think about state workers and possibly give us a raise," Nunn said.

Zachary Lauf said he'd like to see an income tax decrease. He also has another concern shared with others around town.

"I'm worried a little bit about Obamacare, with all that coming out...Hopefully Missouri might be able to stop some of those exchanges or kind of keep us a little bit safer as individuals," Lauf said.

"Medical care is obviously a concern for all of's a bipartisan issue, so I hope we can make some strides to maybe help out when we can," Jefferson City resident Phil Baker said.

A balanced budget is also a priority for the mid-Missourians.

"Every year we fiddle around until the last minute and don't get a budget passed until the 11th hour when it's too late to make any substantial changes," Baker said.

"Well I think everybody's always concerned about the money and the amount of money the government spends. And I think just being conscientious, if you will, about where it's spent and the priorities," Jefferson City resident Jerry Ballard said.