Mid-Missourians deal with hottest week of summer

No relief from continued heat this week.

Less than two weeks ago, Mid-Missouri was experiencing well below average temperatures.

This week, intense heat is dominating much of the Midwest, and it's a reminder of just how hot last summer was.

Many of us have momentarily forgotten what the dog days of summer feel like, as only 34 days this year have been at or above average temperatures.

Only 19 days have been at or above 90 degrees compared to 66 days at or above 90 degrees, with considerable drought occurring.

Not being acclimated to the heat could pose a risk to outdoor workers, but a JC Industries crew on Ellis Boulevard pushed through the hot, humid conditions Monday.

"Just drink a lot of liquids, make sure you stay hydrated. Watch for signs when you stop sweating and stuff like that. If you do, then you've got to get out of it. We try to pour our concrete early in the morning...set up in the afternoon so it's not as strenuous on us," said Rusty Philbert, a supervisor for JC Industries.

Most pools are closed for the season now that Labor Day weekend is approaching, but luckily for several children across mid-Missouri, their schools have air conditioning.

As heat indices rise to near or above 100 degrees this week, it's important to remember these rules:

1) Stay in air conditioning if possible. If it's not possible, stay inside on the lowest floor of your home and turn a fan on.

2) If you must work outside, wear light colored clothing, stay hydrated with water or sports drinks, and take frequent breaks.

3) Check on pets. Make sure they have a cool, shaded place to stay with fresh, cool water.

4) Always check the back seat. The temperature in cars rises dramatically only after a few minutes.