Mid-Missouri weighs in on Obamacare

A chart shows the cost of Obamacare for a family in Jefferson City making $50,000 annually.

The Obama Administration Wednesday released numbers that put the Obamacare monthly premium at 16 percent less than originally projected.

Iberia resident Bernie Upschulte supports the insurance option.

"Right now most people aren't getting any benefits or anything and they really need help. And we've got a lot of poor people in our area and I think a lot of people would really benefit by this situation," Upschulte said.

But Kirk Mitchell, of Jefferson City, has some questions.

"Whether or not I will still be able to keep my doctor and what sort of affects the Healthcare Act might have on my already in-place insurance policy," Mitchell said.

The Administration has not yet unveiled a list of participating agencies.

In Missouri, the average monthly premium before subsidies is estimated at $220 for an individual and $798 for a family of four.

When broken down more specifically, a family of four with a combined $50,000 annual income would have an annual Obamacare premium of $9,449 before subsidies.

Based on that salary, that family would end up paying $3,365 annually and a government tax credit subsidy would cover the remaining $6,084.

"My gut feeling is that it's going to put some folks into some financial peril, potentially," Mitchell said.

But Upschulte thinks it's a fair offer.

"I think it's reasonable, really I do. I mean, I don't think we should give everything away and I'm glad that they see that. So I think it's a good deal," he said.

Obamacare enrollment is scheduled to begin October 1, with coverage beginning in January.