Mid-Missouri roads are riddled with potholes

Mid-Missouri was hit hard this winter with snowfall, then we saw rain and heat.

It TMs a combination that has taken a toll on Missouri TMs roads.

It's a story our Facebook viewers asked us to look into.

Now that the snow has melted, we're left with a new menace.

Potholes have been popping up all over.

"Every spring after a wet winter like we had with a lot of snow events and moisture events that, typically you get the freezing and the thawing throughout the winter months with that moisture present in the pavement itself or just under the pavement it has a tendency to break up the pavement," Missouri Department of Transportantion TMs Allen Trampe said,

Potholes form mainly because of moisture and temperature changes.

When cars and trucks are added to the mix the holes will just get bigger and bigger.

Trampe said MoDOT is trying to get to the holes as fast as they can.

Since many of the asphalt plants aren't open yet MoDOT is putting down temporary patches until later this spring and summer when more permanent ones can be applied.

"Ya know, it's been less than two weeks since our last snowfall, so we're still almost keeping the snow plows handy just in case, Trampe said. We're just kind of in that transition phase of trying to keep the potholes filled trying to do the best we can with them and later on this summer hopefully we can do a better job and patch over them, use some hot mix and patch them up good."

Many people we talked to Thursday said potholes they noticed were taken care of pretty quickly.

"There has been a lot of potholes I guess from the ice and all of the snow we had but they've been fixed in the last week or two, right before the election, Jefferson City resident Mike McCoy said. It TMs not good for my car, I know that."

Speaking of cars, Gregory Colbert, of Fulton, rides his moped for a couple of reasons.

He said it helps on gas but it's also because he's blown two tires because guessed it...potholes.

"We TMve been complaining but it seems like there's nothing getting done about the road," Colbert said.

While many people are frustrated with this newest menace, one man in Holts Summit said he TMs pleased with how fast his roads have gotten fixed.

"They TMve been as quick as they can; when they do find potholes I TMve noticed they've been filling them. I'm very happy with it," Steven Sachs said.

Trampe said they are patching potholes on a priority system.

He said MoDOT has a budget for fixing the holes and they are making sure they address all safety concerns regarding them.

If you have a pothole problem, contact MoDOT at 888-ASK-MODOT.