Mid-Missouri prepares for snow

MoDOT prepares snow plows to clear roads for this week's snow.

Don't be fooled by Wednesday's mild temperatures; mid-Missouri could see its first snowfall of the season on Thursday.

Crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation are preparing the Central District's fleet of around 225 plows.

That includes making sure the plows are functioning and filling them with salt.

They are also making sure they're fully staffed.

"Our plan is to be 24 hour a day operational in the event of a storm. So we basically staff to that point and are prepared to do that," MoDOT Central District Maintenance Engineer Randy Aulbur said.

"And to do that we employ emergency help from outside of the department and go through a pretty extensive process to get those brought on line in order to staff to that point."

Aulbur said they get the majority of their winter supplies in the beginning of the season to last throughout. However, if they run out the supply can be replenished.

Money for the supplies comes from the state fuel tax.

At Menards Wednesday, the shelves were fully stocked with snow and ice melt and shovels.

Some customers said they were not concerned with the possible snowfall, Others said they had bought items to prepare.

"Wood...and more wood...and more wood. Everyone around us is probably laughing thinking we're going to have a big snowstorm. And [we'll] buy a few more extra groceries that we don't normally," Judy Hibler said.

Another customer said she and her family learned from last year's heavy snow.

"Last year we didn't really prepare too well for it, so my mom ended up slipping and falling on the ice. It wasn't pretty," Mayre Rodriguez said.