Mid-Missouri law enforcement officers gear up for the holiday season

With Christmas just a little more than week away, law enforcement officers are gearing up for heavy travels.

KRCG's Facebook Crew talked with local agencies to find out what they're doing to prepare for the busiest travel time of the year.

All Mid-Missouri law enforcement officers are stepping up to make sure the roadways stay safe this holiday season.

"There will be traffic enforcement out there. They will be pulling over people and probably ticketing them if they're driving carelessly or at excessive speeds, Holts Summit Police Department's Bryan Reid said. There's just too many vehicles out there to be driving crazy."

Christmas and New Years are two big holidays when some people like to celebrate with alcohol.

So officers also will have their eye out for those under the influence.

"We just want everyone to know that we're out there. We want everyone to be safe and not drink and drive, Reid said.

"People need to make the decision that if they're going to go out and party, they should probably consider making the decision in advance so they can either have a sober chauffeur or use a taxi cab, Cole County Sheriff Greg White said.

White said if you risk driving, you could come across a checkpoint.

"People should be aware that if you choose to drink too much and drive, that possibility of any regular DWI enforcement is there as well as a check point, White said.

With the tougher enforcements, officers told me their end goal is simply to make the holidays safer for everyone.

Tell us what you think. Will you be hitting the road this holiday season?