Mid-Missouri hauntings take center stage during Autumn

Halloween is just a few weeks away and that has people thinking about haunted houses.

Some say Central Missouri has a lot of places that are haunted.

So KRCG's Facebook Crew did some investigating and found that a certain college is known as the most haunted.

There are many tales of haunted places throughout Central Missouri, but some of the best known, can be found in a little town called Fayette at Central Methodist University.

This university has a number of strange haunting tales, but there are a few that stand out, like the story of Professor Tom Birch.

Professor Birch was conducting a band in the Assembly Hall in the spring of 1964, playing Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition." During a passage in the piece known as "The Catacombs," Birch died and fell off the stage.

Now some students say they see him hanging around the Assembly Hall entrance.

"A young woman here on campus was making her way down from the north end of campus and was cutting right through where we're standing now, and she noticed a man wearing a white evening suit who was smoking a cigarette. He allegedly said," lovely evening for a concert isn't it?" Then he disappeared through these doors, CMU Adjunct Professor of Journalism Jim Steele said.

Steele said Birch isn't the only person that makes his presence known on campus, so does a civil war stable boy.

During the civil war Brannock's Hall on the Central Methodist campus housed union soldiers.

"The young boy was in charge of taking care of the horses. One night apparently something spooked the horses and it trampled the boy and killed him. So if that wasn't bad enough that he died in this building, the legend says he is also buried underneath the floor, CMU Public Relations Official Cathy Thogmorton said.

She said now people claim that they can hear weird noises at night.

"People have heard shovels being struck against the ground, horses neying, and even a child crying out. It's quite the ghost story around here, Thogmorton said.

These are just a few of the haunted places at Central Methodist University.

If you would like to learn more about some of the other places I didn't mention click here.

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The haunting season is upon us.

So KRCG's Facebook crew did some investigating today and found some of the best haunted spots in Central Missouri.

Tune in tonight at ten and find out where some of those places are.

Some of the places may shock you.

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