Mid-Missouri children get an early family reunion

It was the surprise of a lifetime for five Mid-Missouri siblings.

Their mom, who has been serving in Kuwait for the past year, showed up at school Wednesday.

KRCG was there to catch the unexpected family reunion.

For the past year, Rachel Davis hauled heavy equipment for the U.S. Army in Kuwait.

She called the job stressful, but necessary.

"Somebody has to protect us. So I know now I TMm protecting my children's freedom. I TMm ensuring what they have when they get older, U.S. Army Reserves Rachel Davis said.

So when she found out she would be coming home a couple days early, she decided to make it a memorable homecoming for her five children.

"I didn't know what was happening because I thought I was going to the dentist. But when she walked through the door I was in shock. It kind of felt like my heart kind of stopped, Rachel's Daughter Kyah Davis said.

Davis' feelings were just as intense.

"I feel like i just gave birth, you know when you're so ecstatic. It's really just a strange feeling. It's like I TMm in a dream and I don't ever want to wake up, Davis said.

While Davis was overseas, her mother helped take care of her kids. Her mom also helped organize the big surprise.

"I TMm very proud of her. Some people give me weird looks because my daughter is in the military, and some even make comments, that she should be home with her kids. But she's serving our country just like a man does and she's taking care of her kids, Rachel's Mother Angie Ott said.

Davis told me she is so glad she got the opportunity to switch out her dangerous deployment for some good ol' family time.

There's not a word that can describe how happy I am to be back with my family, Davis said.

Davis asked KRCG to remind everyone to remember that there are many soldiers still overseas fighting for this country.