Mexicans sentenced for drug trafficking

Several Mexican nationals have been sentenced to federal prison for conspiring to distribute a large quantity of cocaine and methamphetamine in Cole and Moniteau Counties.

Two Mexican nationals residing in California, Mo., were sentenced to federal prison Tuesday for conspiring to distribute large amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine in Cole and Moniteau Counties, according to U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson.

Froylan Pedroza-Guadarrama, 31, was sentenced to nine years in federal prison, and Jesus Ricardo-Amaya, 29, was sentenced to two years, both without parole. They were part of a larger group of conspirators who have pleaded guilty to their crimes.

Also sentenced were Elroy Castaneda-Gonzalez, 34, Beroldo Almazan, 34, and Adolfo Almazan-Hernandez, 43, all of whom are Mexican nationals living in California, Mo.

The men were convicted of trying to buy seven kilograms of cocaine from a DEA informant. The agreed-upon price was $24,000 per kilogram.

During the ensuing deal, Castaneda-Gonzalez told the informants they didn't have enough money, but would be willing to trade for several pounds of methamphetamine, which they produced.

During the deal, which was conducted at a Jefferson City motel between the informants, Almazan-Hernandez, Castaneda-Gonzalez, and Almazan, one of the men made several phone calls which indicated that he had some customers waiting at a nearby McDonald's.

The three were arrested, after which officers went to McDonald's and arrested Pedroza-Guadarrama, Ricardo-Amaya, and Victor Hugo De La Roza-Garza as the suspected customers. Officers recovered $29,000 in cash from the vehicle of De La Rosa-Garza, who has pled guilty but has not been sentenced.