McCaskill holds Columbia town meeting

Topics included marijuana use, national defense and job creation.

Senator Claire McCaskill held a town hall meeting at Columbia City Hall on Monday.

Topics included marijuana use, national defense and job creation.

Senator McCaskill started her town meeting by finding someone in the audience who would never vote for her. The Senator chose Roger Fries to hand her written questions from a basket to show the meeting was not a staged event.

Fries said, â??She has a history of backing what I consider to be the most corrupt Presidential Administration in history. There is just so much going on that is coming out of the White House that some days I canâ??t believe it.â??

Senator McCaskill surrounded herself with a display showing nearly 9 million new jobs during the past 4 years, an 80% increase in the stock market during the past 5 years and Missouri unemployment at its lowest level since 2008. Jim Wharton agrees with the Senatorâ??s economic approach.

Wharton, â??Iâ??m not a politician. I just watch the news to see what is going on. Iâ??m not one that comments on it a lot, but I do support Claire and a lot of her issues.â??

Senator McCaskill said the best ideas donâ??t come from Washington. She said they come from folks on the ground here in Missouri.

Senator McCaskill said, â??You get questions from the very far right and you get questions from some of the more liberal Missourians in Columbia. This day was no different than most town halls in Columbia. You get everything from, why arenâ??t we legalizing marijuana to canâ??t we get rid of the federal government?â??

Senator McCaskill told the crowd she did not support the legalization of marijuana in Missouri because of problems in Colorado. She addressed a question about big government and said the federal government is not always the answer, but is it never the enemy.

Senator McCaskill plans to visit several cities this week as part of her Main Street Tour across Missouri.