McCaskill, Akin face off in debate

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill cast herself as a moderate and portrayed Republican challenger Todd Akin as an extremist in their final debate of a contentious Missouri Senate race. Akin repeatedly linked McCaskill to the policies of President Barack Obama while she said his views weren't the views of Missourians.

The candidates took opposite strategies during Thursday night's debate at a high school in suburban St. Louis.

McCaskill touted her work with Republican senators to limit earmarks and cap federal spending while Akin tied her to Obama's policies on health care, spending and federal deficits.

The debate remained largely cordial but closed with some personal accusations. McCaskill claimed women have been paid less in Akin's congressional office. Akin claimed McCaskill's family has benefited from $39 million in federal housing subsidies paid to her husband's business interests.