Mayor proposes budget

Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph's budget plan is now in the hands of the city council.

At Monday night's council meeting, Struemph presented a budget balanced with cuts and the elimination of one entire program.

The mayor said it was a rough year for revenue and there are a number of items he would have liked to have kept in the budget.

But, he said the voters elected him to make some decisions, and that's what he has done in his $31 million dollar spending plan for fiscal year 2013.

His proposal calls for the elimination of JCTV. That's the city's cable access channel.

That will save the city $165,000.

Struemph said JCTV does not serve the entire community because not everybody uses Mediacom cable, "So when I looked at jctv as a whole I had to look at it in such a way that it's currently not a service that the entire city gets and I think that's why it ended up where it was..."

Gloria Enloe, JCTV manager said, "I think it will impact the entire community if JCTV loses funding. Obviously we are a big part of Lincoln University and its journalism curriculum, I think it would have a really direct impact on our students there. People in our community can watch our programming and a lot of community organizations use our channel to produce their own programming."

Another big blow in the mayor's budget is for city transit funding.

Jefftran, the city's bus service, will lose about 40 percent of it's budget from the city.

Struemph said, "I think when it comes to a budget this size you would like to be able to keep it all but just like in a private company you get to the point to where you have to rank what are the most important services to your city and for us it's obviously police fire and roads."

As it stands right now the fire department is still funded through property taxes.

We asked the mayor how Proposition 2 could impact the fire budget if it passes in August.

He didn't have an immediate answer and said he would get back to us.