Maries Co. Sheriff's Office updating 911, radio systems

A note from Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman:

"You will notice a large Emergency Response Unit and radio technicians outside the Maries County Sheriffâ??s Office for the next week. The Sheriffâ??s Office has begun updating our 911 system and radio systems. Our outdated systems did not have the capabilities that our new system will have. With the new system we will be able to pin point emergency calls. The new system will also allow us to dispatch the same emergency call to several different agencies at one time. This will speed up the response time of emergency responders, allow us to locate individuals in need of assistance, and could very easily save lives.

"The Sheriffâ??s Office began applying for grants over a year ago to make this possible. This much needed and overdue project would have been very difficult for the county to do without the grant funds we obtained. I have to take a moment to thank Detective Mike Bonham for his assistance in writing these grants.

"The Sheriffâ??s Office also has to thank the City of Rolla for their assistance and for allowing us to use their resources to ensure our county remains protected as well.

â??With the Emergency Response Unit at the Sheriffâ??s Office our systems will not go down and I can assure the citizens of Maries County that your 911 calls will be answered."