Manny the Mustang cheers through the heat

Manny the Mustang poses before the Eldon High School pep rally.

Students at Eldon High School gathered in the gymnasium Friday afternoon for a pep rally in honor of the football team's home opener.

Manny the Mustang danced and cheered from the floor, but she's not dressed for the near-100-degree weather.

"I got the head and there's a full body suit and it's fur. I've got hooves and gloves," Manny said.

Manny's job requires working up a sweat in all weather conditions.

"They're going to be moving around a lot, they run through the crowd, sometimes they even run up into the bleachers. They're out there doing a lot of the same movement that the cheerleaders will be doing," Eldon High School Athletic Director Colleen Abbott said.

Manny said she feels hot inside the suit, but she gets used to it after a bit.

The mustang head comes with a fan inside to help cool her off.

School employees are taking extra precautions to help Manny and the student athletes stay safe and cool in the heat.

"We're going to make sure that she stays hydrated, and if there is anything [that happens] we do have a coach's office that has air conditioning. So if we do have anyone that needs to cool off we will have that," Abbott said.

She also said employees were sent an email telling them to keep an eye on the students in the extreme heat.

So who is the girl behind the gear? We'll let you figure that out for yourself.