Man sentenced for facilitating brother's drug-trafficking conspiracy

A Callaway County man has been sentenced in federal court for facilitating his brother's drug-trafficking conspiracy. Two others from mid-Missouri have also been sentenced in connection with the crimes.

34-year-old Gary R. Holloway was sentenced to four years in federal prison without parole. On March 18, Holloway pleaded guilty to facilitating the drug-trafficking conspiracy over the phone. Federal investigators intercepted phone calls between Holloway and his brother, 33-year-old Jason R. Holloway.

Jason Holloway awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to a separate but related drug-trafficking case. At the time of his guilty plea, he admitted to receiving approximately 50 pounds of marijuana and one kilogram of cocaine each month for the past two years from sources in Kansas City.

In a related case, 41-year-old Jeffrey C. Patterson, of Fulton, and 37-year-old Reed Lower, of Columbia, were also sentenced for their roles in the crime.

Patterson was sentenced to seven years and six months without parole for buying approximately 27 ounces of cocaine a month from Jason Holloway.

Lower was sentenced to two years and six months without parole after pleading guilty to his role in the conspiracy to distribute marijuana. He admitted to buying large amounts from Jason Holloway and began transporting bulk shipments from the Kansas City area. Lower estimated that he made one to two trips per month, usually acquiring 50-100 pounds.