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      Man punched, robbed in Sam's Club parking lot

      Ryan Ellingboe was arrested after police said he punched and robbed a man in the Sam's Club parking lot.

      Columbia Police arrested a 38-year-old man after they say he punched and robbed a man in the Sam's Club parking lot.

      Monday evening, a 27-year-old man and his female friend went into Sam's Club on Conley Road to shop.

      After going in the store, the man lost track of his friend and decided to go sit in her car while he waited for her to finish shopping.

      While he was waiting in the car 38-year-old Ryan Ellingboe, the female's boyfriend, walked up to the car and started asking the man where he got all of the items inside the car.

      The victim didnâ??t know where the items came from and Ellingboe started punching him in the face and then took the manâ??s wallet.

      The victim got out of the car and ran to the Dollar Tree store where police contacted him.

      A warrant request has been submitted to the Boone County Prosecutorâ??s Officer for Ellingboe for robbery in the second degree.