Man arrested for burglary, assault, child molesting

A Columbia man is in jail this morning, after police say he terrorized his victims and tried to fight off police.Boone County deputies say it all started last night just before 6 p.m. in the 6100 block of East Circle Drive.Someone reported Lawrence Kenney Jr., 42, was walking around the neighborhood threatening to harm a woman and child.Deputies say Kenney sexually molested the child, than assaulted the woman when she tried to stop him.The victims ran into a nearby apartment, but Kenney followed.He broke in and began to strangle the woman.Kenney ran from deputies when they arrived and fought back while they tried to arrest him.Police used a Taser on him and then took him to jail.He faces burglary, assault and property damage, charges along with felony resisting arrest and child molestation.