Man arrested for armed robbery at fireworks stand

A Pulaski County man is in jail after authorities say he held up a fireworks stand.

The Pulaski County Sheriffâ??s Department said it happened on Saturday at about 5:50 p.m. at a fireworks stand at the Road Ranger Truck Stop parking lot on Missouri 28.

Witnesses described the man and told deputies he shoved a handgun in a sack into the face of the fireworks stand attendant and demanded money.

A short time later, deputies found Auston Lee Bradstreet, 22, of St. Robert, walking on Hector Drivejust off the North Outer Road.

They said Bradstreet matched the description witnesses gave them.

Next deputies went to the home where Bradstreet said he was during the time of the robbery, and searched it.

In a bedroom the deputies found the matching clothing that had been worn by the armed robber.

The home owner told authorities the clothing was his but he had loaned it to Bradstreet because it was raining.

Bradstreet eventually confessed to committing the crime.

Bradstreet is charged with second degree robbery and is in the Pulaski County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

In October 2011 Bradstreet was charged with first degree property damage after authorities said he tried to steal parts of an air conditioning unit.