Mailing letters might not be so easy

Mid-Missouri post offices face the possibility of closing.

The United States Postal Service is running out of money and wants permission from congress to make drastic cuts, cuts that would include closing thousands of post offices across the country.

The postal service is considering closing 3,700 offices across the country.

167 of those offices are in Missouri and at least ten are here, in mid-Missouri.

The post office in Florence and the one in Syracuse are both historic landmarks.

They were part of the Butterfield Overland Stage Coach Line; it was path mail would take on its way to San Francisco.

Now both offices could be on the chopping block.

People we talked to are upset, not because of the history here, but the modern day convenience.

"It will be an inconvenience for people in the rural area, Syracuse resident Rita Kanenbley said.

"We get our money orders there, we have a huge population of elderly and retirees that live here, Florence resident Kristina Payne said. Less than 1/4 of the population has the internet service and so quite a few people use the post office for that.

Florence residents said rural post offices like theirs are more than just a place to buy stamps they said they TMre like a lifeline for them sometimes and they TMre part of their community.

"New people won TMt move in without a post office which means a lack of business for the businesses that are established here and no new businesses are going to move in with no post office, Payne said.

Earlier in the week Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill expressed her concerns at a senate hearing.

She wants the postal service to make sure the process to chose which offices will close is fair and transparent.

"What I don't want to have happen is there to be an assumption that every post office that is serving rural missouri and smaller communities is appropriate for closure," Senator McCaskill said.

Payne agreed.

"I hope people take notice of the little man, Payne said. Just because we're not a big city doesn't mean that we don't deserve the same service as everybody else.

Even if the offices are closed, there may be another option.

The postal service wants to open so-called village post offices, by putting a postal window in an existing business.

McCaskill pointed to e-mail and online bill paying as examples of how traditional mail service has been affected by the internet.

To see all of the proposed closings and the revenue each office brings in along with the potential savings if it were closed click here.