Local Salvation Army leaders leave for St. Louis

After 4 years of service to the Jefferson City and Columbia areas, the leaders of the Salvation Army are leaving for new jobs.

Majors Kendall and Katrina Mathews are moving to their new assignment in the St. Louis area. The Mathews have many accomplishments over the past 4 years in Jefferson City and Columbia. Theyâ??re proud of their work to increase services to needy families in Mid-Missouri and look forward to helping people in St. Louis.

Major Kendall Mathews said, â??Itâ??s really a promotion. We like to think of it as a promotion. Weâ??re not in it for the money. Weâ??re in it for the people and to serve people and to reach out to people.â??

The Mathews have 5 children. Two of those children still live at home including their daughter who is graduating from Rock Bridge High School. When the Mathews start their work in St. Louis, it will be triple the workload as compared to the Jefferson City and Columbia areas. Theyâ??ll go from 3 to 7 thrift stores with more than 100 employees.

Major Katrina Mathews said, â??I will be an administrator, which means I will be the mom of the house. I will bring the feminine touch to the whole atmosphere thatâ??s filled with men. Iâ??m looking forward to it. Itâ??s going to be an exciting adventure for us. This is our first time in this type of ministry. We feel we can have a good impact on the men, and the relationship with the men and the community.â??

The big city is nothing new to the Mathews since theyâ??ve already spent time in the Chicago and Detroit areas. Theyâ??re ready for their new challenge, but say theyâ??ll always have memories of Mid-Missouri.

The Mathews will leave Mid-Missouri for St. Louis during the last week of June.