Local Muslims educate public on Islam

Tuesday night, the Muslim Community Center in Jefferson City hosted an open house to educate the community about Islam and Shariah Law.

They said that times are changing and Muslims
aren't that different from other people.

Faizan Syed said, "What we want others to realize is that as Muslims, we are Muslim Americans. We are part of this society and part of the fabric, and we aren't violent or all these crazy things people think we are, rather we are your neighbors, the doctors who help you out you know we are a part of this society".

They spent the evening reflecting on what Islam

really is, despite an image that doesn't sit well with many in society, "The one thing we try to do within the Islamic center in Jefferson City is of course first an foremost education because the more people know about each other the less likely they are to have suspicion" Syed told us.

Members emphasized that not all Muslims are radical like some in the Middle East.

The event was open to the public.

About two dozen people attended, including christians and some state legislators.