Local man remembers Pearl Harbor

Wednesday is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor.Survivors of that day remember it like it was yesterday. Bill Mcananey was in the navy 70 years ago. He and four friends were touring the island of Oahu when the first bombs dropped, "Sure enough they were telling everybody to get back to their ships or stations". Mcanany was stationed on a hospital ship and they were trying to return for duty, So the five of us got in a 40 foot motor launch and were proceeding out to battleship row when the second wave hit, so this was our initiation". Mcananey described the scene in the harbor, The water is burning rather ferociously because of all the oil spilled, and we started picking up guys who were trying to get out of the water and we took them over to Ford Island." Many of them were badly burned. He spent the next 20 years in the Navy and says he took away some valuable life lessons, "How dear life was and how it could be snuffed out in a mater of seconds and don't abuse it and enjoy what you have and be happy."