Local Coach hits a Grand Slam as author of new book

Bill Seamon coached baseball at Owensville for 27 years. His resume includes being Executive Director of the Missouri Baseball coaches Association, and President of the National High school baseball coaches association in his past.

He has coached in Missouri, Holland, Belgium, Bahamas,Australia and Alaska. he has also been inducted into the Sunbelt Hall of Fame.

Bill retired in 2006 and had a very interesting retirement project, his own book.

(Bill said), "Every time I would start to write I would think you know... you can get on the internet and you can read all this. Iâ??m not giving anyone anything new. I think there are more important things then just hitting, pitching and things of those nature. Even though I cover it in the book, I think it is important that people had a grasp and understanding on what it means to be a coach first before they even went into the profession."

After over 5 years of writing, Bill with the help of his 2 daughters and wife started a publishing company produced his own book.

Randy Crowe coached for 25 years. He told us he thought the book would just be about baseball but to his surprise he learned somethings, "I read this book and I found things in there even after all these years that I should have been using that probably would have made me a better coach. So to me its not just a baseball book it is a coaches handbook"

Mark Jett agreed that this is not a book simply about baseball for him, "The philosophy behind it can be for any sport and for a lot of things outside of sports even because it is about how to raise young men and treat people right."

Bill has really hit a grand slam with his new book.

Bill will be inducted into the National High school baseball coaches associations Hall of Fame later this year. His book is available on Amazon or directly through his company, Margin Dot Press.