Local businesses adjust to the start of school

Culver's in Jefferson City is among the businesses that have seen a slight decrease customer volume as the school year begins.

As more students return to school in central Missouri, local businesses are making adjustments to compensate for a slight drop in business.

Jefferson City Culverâ??s Manager Kendall Walz said when students return to school, the store sees a decrease in the number of customers who come in for lunch. â??There arenâ??t as many teenagers out shopping, out doing things,â?? Walz said.

â??We do see a little decrease in business once school starts. On Thursday when school started, we felt it here. During lunch is a big time when we feel it.â??

Walz said like many other fast food restaurants in Jefferson City, the storeâ??s pool of part-time workers shrinks as students return to school and others relocate to college or end their employment.

â??During the summer, I have around 50 employees,â?? Walz said. â??Now that schoolâ??s started, weâ??re down to around 40 employees. When the winter comes and we hit our low point, weâ??ll move into the 35 employee range.â??

Other types of businesses are affected by the start of school as well. Megan Peters said the child care center she works at sees a 20 percent decrease in the number of enrolled children each fall as around 10 children â??graduateâ?? and enter kindergarten.

â??I donâ??t think itâ??s just us. I think every center goes through it,â?? Peters said. â??When you have kids that go off to kindergarten, it hurts your heart a little bit, you miss them.â??

â??You want them to come back, and you want to see them every dayâ?¦ but on the business end of it, we have 10 spots that we need to fill, and we need to get those spots filled.â??

Peters said it could take up to a year for Discovery Place to fill the open spots in their child care program.

Both women say despite the slight drop in business, they are optimistic that business will pick back up once everyone gets back into their fall routine.