Local battle holds re-enactment weekend

The 150th anniversary commemoration of a civil war battle begins Friday.

On that day in 1861, the first battle of Boonville occurred.

Historians say that battle ensured Missouri and the Missouri River would remain under union control.

The battle will be reenacted at the Dr. Willard Avery farm on Rocheport Road, just East of the Boonville city limits.

Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher will officiate the opening ceremonies Friday at 11 a.m.

The battle re-enactment is Saturday afternoon at 1:30.

Additional events will include Dr. Doug Scott, archaeologist from the University of Nebraska, who will host a one-hour seminar on the artifacts that have been uncovered at the first Battle of Boonville site.

Civil War expert Bill Parry will host a one-hour seminar as well. General Marmaduke will make an appearance to describe the battle and Sanford Lee will entertain event goers with the "Great American Medicine Show".

The crowning event of the weekend will be a 15-cannon night firing demonstration on Saturday.