Living with a morning anchor...not that cool

For many people these days, getting married doesn TMt change a lot of things on the home front because they have already lived together. My husband and I have spent the last few years having a long distance relationship; and when we moved in together and got married this summer; it was a big change!

It TMs been a wonderful experience so far and we TMre having the best time finally living together. But believe me, because of my job as a morning anchor, the adjustments have been many as the drawbacks of living with a morning anchor are numerous. And along with the jobs of being newlyweds; my husband, Matt, is now having the pleasure of discovering all the disadvantages first hand.

For starters, when you wake up around 2 in the morning (some days earlier!!), sleep becomes a priority. A big priority. So, when many newlywed couples are sitting down to a nice slow cooked meal around 7:30, you better believe I TMm getting ready to go to bed! My husband has gotten used to my infant-like bed time. He TMs an adaptable person, thank goodness. He just hangs out in the living room for awhile longer while I can sleep. He knows to get everything out of the bedroom he needs before I hit the hay, or else when he enters and wakes my slumber; I TMm throwing my eye mask at him.

But you know what comes with sleeping when it TMs light outside? Curtains. Dark, velvet and somewhat (do my husband TMs dismay) expensive curtains. You can TMt do the sheer curtains when you TMre trying to block out the western light. A home accessory Matt never owned before now keeps my sanity when I need to sleep on a well lit summer night.

Primetime television, because of the time it airs, is out of the question for me, so what I want to watch- I have to DVR. I TMm an indecisive person, so that means DVR-ing a couple different shows and then when I have time, I decide what I want to watch. But, this (once again) has some downfalls for the husband in the living room when I TMm sleeping. If you have the TV on when you TMre DVR-ing multiple shows, you have to watch one of the shows that are recording. So, that means poor Matt is forced to watch So You Think You Can Dance, Food Truck Wars or the worst one of them all- (I know, it TMs a bad habit) Real Housewives of D.C! Like I said, poor Matt. Movies are another issue. Getting a two hour block of time when I won TMt fall asleep is as difficult as finding meaning in a Pauly Shore movie (Clueless quote, not mine). So, Matt is left waiting for weeks to watch a silly movie we TMve had from Netflix sitting on our counter for a month; and then inevitably-I TMll still end up asleep!

Matt TMs very lovely 85 year old grandma in St. Louis has dinner every night around 5:00. There are nights we beat her to it. When you start your day so early, all the meal times get adjusted and moved up in time! And that includes an early bird dinner! Matt works earlier than most people (obviously not earlier than me), so he can make it home in time for my early dinner time, but I TMm sure he TMd prefer a more normal time. And on the days when he just had lunch an hour or so earlier, he still sits down to eat with me. Then saves some for a late night snack at 8:00.

I know, I TMm a pain sometimes. But I TMm very thankful to have a wonderful husband who deals with my schedule, among other things!

Til next time!