Lightning damages Jefferson City church

Lightning causes damage to Immanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City.

Members of the Immanuel Baptist Church in Jefferson City were about to start choir practice Wednesday evening when they noticed their sound system wasn't working.

After a little investigating, church officials discovered that lightning had struck the steeple and blew a panel out of the base.

The bolt tore a hole through the roof, damaging rafters and the wiring that supported the sound system.

Pastor Shane Crum said while the damage is a nuisance, it came a convenient time.

"Nothing caught on fire. The damages can all be repaired so we're fortunate that way. Interestingly enough, our roof was needing repair anyway so we're happy that the Lord thought providentially he'd work," said Crum.

Insurance adjusters and electricians have been inside the church to assess the damage and repairs will be made soon.

For now, Crum said he'll just have to talk louder.