Lewis & Clark expedition sets up camp in Jefferson City

If you're hanging around Jefferson City on Wednesday, history buff or not, you might want to check out a special display that's bringing a piece of our nation's history back to life.

Re-enactors with the Lewis & Clark discovery expedition, based in St. Charles, Missouri, set up camp yesterday along the Missouri River in Jefferson City.

Their mission is educate everyone, young and old, about the voyage that a group of explorers commissioned by then-president Thomas Jefferson took to explore the west.

"It was the first major step in the manifest destiny of this great country of ours,â?? said Norman Bowers, a re-enactor with the Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition. â??Namely, the movement of our citizens to the west."

Their educational presentations included information on all aspects of the voyage, like the boats the explorers used, what they ate, and even the medicines they used.

The re-enactors and their boats can be found at the Noren Access, on the north side of the Missouri River near the Highway 54-63 bridge.