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      Lawsuit aimed at gun rights violations

      Several Boone County gun owners have filed a $12 million lawsuit against the City of Columbia, Boone County, the Boone County Prosecutorâ??s Office and some members of the Columbia Police Department, including Chief Ken Burton.

      The lawsuit claims authorities are guilty of illegal gun seizure and police retaliation.

      Columbia attorney Stephen Wyse is leading the charge on the suit that claims his clients were victims of excessive force and experienced unreasonable delays in the return of their firearms.

      Wyse said too many people allow law enforcement officials to keep their guns under the wrong conditions.

      â??Theyâ??re saying you already spent several hundred bucks for your gun, now you are going to have to spend several hundred to a thousand dollars to get your gun back," Wyse said. "A lot of people just give up. They say, alright, keep it. Iâ??ll get another one.â??

      Wyse distributed flyers throughout Boone County in hopes of finding more clients for his case.

      Attorneys representing law enforcement officials said the lawsuit lacks substance.

      No court date has been set.