Law enforcement wishing for safer holiday travel

Holiday travel is beginning and law enforcement agencies say they'll be out in full force to keep highways safe.

They've already reported some issues in mid-Missouri.

A Jefferson city man faces charges as a DWI prior offender and likely additional charges for an incident early Sunday in Maries county.

Deputies arrested 25 year old Justin Korsmeyer after they found him passed out in his car in the middle of highway 52 near Meta.

They say Korsmeyer's foot was on the brake, but the vehicle was in gear, and deputies couldn't wake him.

After breaking into the vehicle, they found several open alcoholic containers inside, along with a several loaded firearms.

While transporting Korsmeyer to jail, Maries county deputies observed another drunk driver entering the Vienna city limits at a high rate of speed and in the wrong lane.

They arrested a 16 year old for drive while intoxicated, having no driver's license, speeding, and failing to maintain the right half of the roadway.

The juvenile was taken to the Maries county jail and issued numerous citations, and released to parents. Authorities say the juvenile had a blood alcohol content 4 times the legal limit.

In 2010, there were 259 alcohol impaired driving fatalities and 20 more fatalities involving victims not even legally old enough to drink.

When on the roadways this holiday season law enforcement encourages all drivers to obey the speed limit, not to drink and drive, and drive safe!