Last University Village tenants prepare to move out

Ehsan Naderi cleans his apartment Sunday before moving out. Naderi is one of a tiny handful of tenants left at University Village.

The last remaining tenants at University Village said Sunday they will miss the apartmentsâ?? proximity to the MU campus and the MKT Trail.

Ehsan Naderi spent the afternoon cleaning his apartment ahead of the move, something the university still requires of its tenants. Naderi said he and his friends liked being able to hike and bicycle on the trail whenever they wanted. Like many residents, he is moving to the universityâ??s Tara Apartments across town.

â??When we move to Tara, we will miss the MKT Trail,â?? he said.

The University of Missouri is permanently closing the University Village Apartments effective on Monday. University officials announced the move on March 12, two weeks after Columbia firefighter Bruce Britt was killed in a walkway collapse at the apartments. After the collapse, engineers found all but two of the 14 buildings needed substantial repair work done to their walkways. The apartments were built in the mid-1950s.

Bekah Teller said she wanted to find another apartment near University Villageâ??s location at Providence and Stewart, but she said the rent elsewhere was too high. She ended up choosing Tara as well. Teller said she waited until this weekend to move so she could get her classes out of the way. She said she likes the extra space she will have at the Tara Apartments, but she will miss the trees and easy access to parks that University Village provides.

MU will demolish the apartments after the last tenants move out on Monday. Officials have not yet decided what to do with the site.