Last fireworks tent in Jefferson City closes

The end of the 2013 fireworks season also marks the end of fireworks sales in Jefferson City.

The end of the 2013 fireworks season also marks the end of fireworks sales in Jefferson City. Beginning in 2014, residents of the city will have to travel outside Jefferson City limits to buy their fireworks.

Saturn Fireworks, the last fireworks stand in Jefferson City, was protected by a grandfather clause until the end of this fireworks season. On Wednesday, the owners packed up the tent for good and began their preparations to move to another location. Until Wednesday, the store operated at 2418 West Edgewood Drive in Jefferson City.

Saturn Fireworks owner Glen Kilburn isn't yet sure where the stand will be moving to.

â??I'm looking right now, weighing my options, trying to find a good location that's accessible, has visibility,â?? Kilburn said. â??That's the fireworks business, you can't be within city limits, so when somewhere is annexed, you have to find a new location.â??

City attorney Drew Hilpert explained to KRCG that when Kilburn began operating his tent more than 15 years ago, the land was not part of the city. When the city annexed the part of West Edgewood drive that his stand rests on, Kilburn became subject to city laws.

Fortunately for Kilburn, city ordinances gave him seven years to find a new location and relocate outside the city limit.

Most major cities now ban the sale of fireworks within their city limits because of safety concerns. The Saturn Fireworks owner doesn't plan on moving too far, and he says he will use flyers and television advertisements to inform people of where he will be set up.

For people in Jefferson City looking to buy firecrackers next year, they will have to drive a little bit farther out to get their fireworks.